Three Surprising Types Of Devices You Can Connect To Your Home Automation System

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The home of the future is a smart home, and home automation lets you do more than just operate cameras and lights with your smartphone or smart hub. More and more items are becoming available for home automation, and they are making it easier to tackle housework, entertain your family, and keep your home secure. Here are just some of the many devices you can connect to your smart home automation system.

Smart Vacuums

Robot vacuums take the guesswork out of cleaning your floors. They can be programmed to clean carpets and hard flooring surfaces, and they can even sense obstacles to move around them. Smart robot vacuums offer the same technology, but they are also WiFi-enabled. This means you can control them with your smartphone or smart hub. You can power them on with just the sound of your voice, and you can set cleaning schedules so your floors are clean when you get home from a long day at work.

Smart Lawn Care Devices

Smart sprinklers can keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful without you ever having to step outside. The main control hub delivers commands to each sprinkler, so you can set certain zones to be watered more often than others. These sprinklers let you set schedules for watering, which can come in handy if you live in an area that restricts water usage on different days of the week. Smart sprinklers are a great option for yards big and small, and they take some of the hassle out of maintaining your lawn on the weekends. If you want additional help with your lawn, consider smart lawnmowers. These mowers work similarly to robot vacuums, roaming your yard and trimming the grass so you don't have to.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances can do a lot to save you time each day. You can purchase smart coffee makers, which can be set to brew your favorite coffee blends before you wake up in the morning, and smart slow cookers can be operated while you are away from home so dinner is ready when you get home from work. WiFi-connected ovens can be set to preheat while you're on your way home, so you can pop a frozen pizza in right after you walk in the door. When looking for smart appliances, check to see which features they offer as part of your home automation system. Some will let you monitor progress, such as a dishwasher that's already mid-cycle, while others will let you power them on and off while you are away.

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