Strategies to Aid With Mounting Your TV to a Wall

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Mounting your flat screen TV to a wall will free up floor space and protect the TV from damage. Before an on-wall TV installation, consider what components will be used with the television and choose an ideal location for all of the the equipment.

Supporting Materials

A wall mounting kit, a power drill, a level, and a measuring tape are some essential items you will need to ensure that the television is adequately secured to a wall and parallel to the floor. If you own a gaming console, a DVR, and other audio-visual materials that will be used with the television set, a floating shelf or a TV stand can be used to store the items. Either item should be placed within close proximity to the TV, since power cords will need to be connected to the TV's output ports.

A floating shelf that is going to be installed directly under the television will eliminate cords from dangling downward. For multiple items that will be placed on a stand, a hole can be drilled through the backside of the stand. This will allow cords to be fed through the unit, concealing the wires and keeping them closely contained.

The location of an electrical outlet will have a bearing on whether or not a portion of the wall is ideal for the TV mount. If a power cord is not located near the spot where the TV will be installed, an electrician can perform the electrical work necessary for the addition of another outlet. If your television set has a short power cord, have the new outlet installed directly behind where the TV will be secured.

Pre-Drilling and an Extra Set of Hands

Any drilling that will be performed should be thought out, since creating holes in one part of a wall and then determining that the spot cannot adequately support the weight of the television can result in visual damage that will be difficult to conceal. Hardware will need to be installed through wall studs. After locating an anchoring spot, mark the portion of the wall where the TV will eventually be located.

Sit down on your couch or in a chair that you normally use while watching TV. Take note of it the height where the TV will be located and contemplate if you will be able to comfortably view programs. During the actual mounting process, you will need an extra set of hands to aid with keeping the TV stable. One person can perform the hardware installation and the other one can hold onto the TV and make sure that it remains level. You could also contact installation services to do this for you.